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Avatar-action-ninja-2.png Founder and Bureaucrat
Mike brezinksi

Joined: August 30, 2020
Preferred Name: Mike or Zech, whatever you prefer

Active wanna get banned? Then break the rules, I dare you.


[[File:|130px]] Administrator

Joined: October 1st, 2020
Preferred Name: Fan

Stop reading this or I'll blow up your Minecraft house

Fox.png Admin
Foxo Woxo

Joined: October 20, 2020
Preferred Name: Fox

Bread is a type of wood

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Welcome! I’m Mike brezinksi, and, This is the wiki for the Entity Chronicles, a Minecraft fanfiction series! The founder of the wiki, (the guy who’s telling you all about this wiki) is also the author of the books, and currently publishes every two weeks. We have gotten rid of the “placeholder, important thing” template. If you wish to find an article, use the search bar above. Feel free to leave suggestions on my wall. Enjoy your time here, ask me for help if necessary, and see you soon!

-Mike brezinksi



right now, this wiki will prioritize adding infoboxes for characters. Since this is a big project, I need everyone to pitch in here.

10/20/2020 mike brezinksi

we’re demoting two inactive staff: foxofjudyfoster, who made a new account, and tiktoktoxi, who I’m pretty sure is dead everywhere on fandom.

we’re considering promoting powerkid to content mod.

10/7/2020 Mike brezinksi

no more admins for a while, we already have a large amount of staff.

10/5/2020 Mike Brezinksi

We have made a page entitled “members”. Please view it so that you can see who we have on the wiki.

10/2/2020 Mike brezinksi

fan is our representation for diplomatic stuff with the dtv wiki when I am absent or need a hand.

9/24/2020 mike brezinksi

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any staff can do announcements, btw.

Recently, we partnered with the dave the villager wiki. I am looking for someone to handle diplomatic stuff with them when i am absent. If there are any volunteers, let me know on my wall here.

9/4/2020 Mike Brezinksi

finally was able to promote toxi to admin. Now, we have a total of three staff.

9/3/2020 Mike Brezinksi

fox is now an admin, for some dumb reason, it says that toxi is not a user.

8/29/2020, Mike Brezinksi

on the popular pages section, there are all sorts of filler templates in the drop down menu, about, hat note, etc. since I stink at tech, (still can’t promote toxi and fox to admins) could someone do that for me? Thanks.

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